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Brook Sigal is a British artist with a strong inclination towards textures and colours. More artist and eco-designer than ceramist or potter, with a strong interest in the transient light, smells and sounds of arboreal scenes, she makes pieces inspired by the sensations she derives from them. Whether in ceramics or in sustainable materials that she invents, she is adamant to  use natural resources for their function or narrative purpose to reflect upon ecological disasters or to praise natural beauty. Born in Puerto Rico on October 1962, she developed a late career in ceramics and design after completing a Masters in Design at Central Saint Martins in 2015 and has been exhibiting since. She currently lives between Sabina, Italy and Paris, France.



La Nature et la reconstruction de l'Homme

Galerie Valerie Guerin, Paris, September 2021



Milan Design Week, September 2021


"this is Ceramics"

La Mine, Paris, October 2020

Man and Man-made future, Matthew Needham,

Sydney design week,  May 2020 (CANCELLED for Covid)

SlowWater, Water Innovation

Seeds and Chips, Milan, Italy ​October 2018

SlowWater explorations, Global Futures Forum curated by Ma-tt-er

the : Future : Laboratory, London, October 2017


London Design week, 2017

The future of fashion is rubbish, co. Matthew Needham

Central Saint Martins, London May 2017

Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week, 2016


Line Up

Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Devon, UK Jan – March 2016

"Once Fired" Tiles  curated by Anthony Quinn

British Ceramics Biennale, Stoke-on-Trent,  September - November 2015


"1000vases", editions Skira, by meetmyproject


"75 designers pour un monde durable", editions la Martiniere, by Genevieve Gallot

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