The pieces I make are not easy pieces;  the “almost ugly in their beauty” is a rich quality I adhere to. 

My approach to making is to grab an idea and work on this in a series of drawings that clarify its direction. Selected pieces from one series frequently provide the starting point of any new series. While I can define what inspires me when describing them, the most important ingredient of the handbuilt pieces is 'Memory': the intentional tracks of where my fingers manipulated the clay, how the clay dried, the layers under layers, the underglazes that suddenly erupt through the glazes... This never ceases to amaze me. 

This is the reason why in my work, there is No pre-programmed process, No repression, No repetition, No blatant expression of narcissism, No political statement, No painful imitation....No desire to be certain, or rather, 

Just the desire not to be certain. 

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