When does a vase become a sculpture?

How important is the role of the person who transcends the way (s)he notices it?

Made during the second wave of confinement, Green Piece are a series of vessel-shaped sculptures made for, and, to be contemplated by those confined at home -   inspired by the bigger world into a room, onto a desk.

Like any sculpture, Green Piece has abstract qualities and figurative details that enhance its natural features. Forests are the metaphor of the opportunities and mystery within and beyond the boundaries of its woven architecture. A subtle palette of greens that melt into whites over touches of reds and ochre are the blurred scene in the mist. Light in the haze get caught on the peeling glazes. So important are all these impressions, that some of the objects are placed on a pedestal. 

©2021 by Brook Sigal

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